Ill, but still attending school

Ill, but still attending school? It is possible! What’s more, your pupil is entitled to it. When a pupil is chronically ill, education can be crucial.

Why is education important for pupils with medical needs?


  • is familiar: Education is something that is familiar. In an unfamiliar medical world, it can offer something to hold on to.
  • gives structure and distraction: Being busy with schoolwork provides distraction and daily structure.
  • prevents social isolation: A pupil normally spends most of the week with classmates and friends. Regular admission to hospital means that a pupil cannot take part in the normal daily activities. However, these do remain important. Attending school, even at a distance, means connecting with other pupils and staying in touch with friends.
  • appeals to what a child is still able to achieve: When a child is ill, the focus tends to lie on what is wrong with the pupil and what he or she is unable to do. Education appeals to the healthy part of the pupil, by focusing on what he can
  • means keeping up with the class: Homework helps a pupil keep up with the class as much as possible.
  • offers perspective: A focus on school achievements gives sick pupils a sense of belonging and offers them the possibility to work on their future.

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