Ziezon : Caring about, taking care of pupils with chronic or long term illnesses

One in ten children suffers from a chronic somatic or long term illness. This means that on the average in every school class there are two or three children with a chronic illness.

In the Netherlands, the law on the education sick pupils (WOOZL) came into force on 1 August 1999. As a result the school where the sick pupil is enrolled retains responsibility for the continuation of education. Hospitalschools were closed down and hospital teachers became Consultants Education Sick Pupils (ESP) . These consultants are employed at University Hospitals or ‘Educational Advisory Bureaus’. Consultants ESP advise and support schools, parents or care professionals about education and illness.

The Dutch version of this booklet has been written to inform teachers about the consequences of illness and treatment for education. It provides information about support and guidance for sick pupils and is meant to offer a hold, a first step towards guidance. In this English version we left out descriptions for typical Dutch situations.

This information is not meant to be a blueprint for all pupils with a chronic illness as every pupil is unique in their own circumstances! Through this information we want to contribute to a school career with as few interruptions as possible.

This booklet is also available for download by clicking it’s image on your right.

Ria Bakker, Janet Bootsma, Mieneke Engwerda
Consultants Education Sick Pupils
Ziezon, 2012

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